Mobile Stage Solutions for Outdoor Events and Festivals

Our Mobile Stage has been seen at many great outside events throughout New England. This 24 x 20 foot mobile stage is a great place to start when planning an outdoor event. Our mobile concert Stage features a very solid sturdy deck capable of handling anything you could imagine putting on it! Complete with a full roofing system we boast a two hour set up from start to finish.

Imagine not having to worry about the weather and the possible cancellation by your performers, or crew, because it rained two hours before the event and everything is wet and in operable. UV Audio Visual has the solution and all you have to do is call and reserve your date. This 24 ft x 20ft mobile stage is the most cost effective solution for a mid sized stage and roof.

The Outdoor Staging Challenge

People enjoy outdoor events and concerts. When you consider the variety of special events, ranging from graduations and political speeches to festivals and concerts you realize that it is simply not possible to build a stage every time or gamble your event budget on the weather. Renting temporary staging is not always possible, you are often working on short notice, or it may be a popular weekend, or the rental cost is too large to justify for a given event.

The Mobile Concert Stage Solution

We have a cost effective solution to the problem. Our Mobile Concert Stage sets up in less than two hours from thetime we pull onto the site. Our Mobile Concert Stage allows you to provide professional outdoor staging for most any event with ease and less money!

Features include a sturdy 3/4" plywood and steel deck, roof trim of up to 12' from the stage deck, two person set up, leveling jacks for uneven surfaces, skirting for around the stage and optional back drop and wind walls.

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