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Sound System Rentals for Weddings and Special Events

Pricing starts as low at $250! - see below for details and ask us how we can make help you. 

There are many reasons you might want to use your own iPod for ambient sound during an event.
The top 2 reasons we get from clients who prefer the iPod/MP3/Smartphone playback are...
....You don't have to worry about the music selection...
....You don't have to worry about the high cost of a band or DJ!

You provide the iPod, any MP3 player or CD Player and we provide the gear!! It's that simple

Wedding Sound System Option #1 for up to 150 people - $250.00

  • 2 – QSC Powered Speakers w/Stands
  • 1 – Small Mixer
  • 1 – CD Player
  • 1 – Wired Microphone

All cables for I-pod hookup are included

Wedding Sound System Option #2 for up to 300 people - $400.00

  • 4 – QSC Powered Speakers w/Stands
  • 1 – Small Mixer
  • 1 – CD Player
  • 1 – Wired Microphone

All cables for I-pod hookup are included

Suggested add-on equipment

  • 15” Powered Subwoofer - $50.00 each
  • 18” Powered Subwoofer - $70.00 each
  • Wireless Handheld Microphone - $50.00 each

*Prices include 1 day use and do not include delivery

Our Rental Packages will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in Wedding costs!

Imagine the fun you will have with our do-it-yourself package! No need to stress about the quality of the entertainment or content! You can also use your own laptop to play the music!

It only takes attending a few weddings to be filled with dread at the thought of boring music, elitist DJs, or, God forbid, "The Chicken Dance." And once you’re faced with the task of planning a wedding of your own, if you’re anything like me you come to two more important realizations:

DJ Spin Doctor is not interested in your wedding—he’s too busy preparing for spinning techno at the club later that night.
He charges how much?

With all the other insane preparations that go into throwing the party of your life, who wants to spend even more time and effort finding the perfect DJ who will play all your favorite songs, and never kill the mood with a real clunker (Kenny G, anyone)? Even more frustrating, professional DJs will make you spend time filling out a list of songs you would want played, and then either ignore your suggestions or get a little too… "creative."

Well, stop the cold sweats. Maybe an iPod wedding is for you. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • An iPod (or your laptop with your favorite music player) and power source
  • A friend who won’t mind pressing Play
  • An "All-Time Greatest Wedding Song" brainstorm session with your spouse-to-be
  • A follow-up session with your friends to add a few more… and to axe the songs that you’ll be too embarrassed for them to hear

And that’s it! Do it your-self solutions from Upper Valley Audio Visual are easy to setup and operate and if you decide to take advantage of our delivery and setup services you will have to do nothing except sit back enjoy your special day. With our iPod Wedding system solutions your satisfaction is garanteed!

Here are some helpful hints from our own clients...

Step 1

Begin Planning: Long before you do anything, you will need to introduce this idea to your potential wife. She will no doubt be doting on things like flowers, seating arrangements, and other boring, albeit necessary, topics. If you tell her in one breath that you will save hundreds of dollars in DJ expenses and get involved in the planning with her, she will undoubtedly love it.

Step 2

Find out What Resources Your Venue Has: Once you have selected a venue sight to have the affair at, don’t assume anything. Make sure that your venue has got microphones, speakers, CD players, monitors, and go in and test these items out when you are allowed to tinker around.

Step 3

Set the Bar Low: Don’t think that this wedding will be like any other wedding you have ever been to. You are going to need to assign someone to monitor the iPod, stop it at agreed upon spots for things like the Father/Daughter dance and the Mother/Son dance. Once you have programmed the five hours of music don’t think that your job is at all over.

Step 4

Mix It Up: You also want to be sure that there is a wide variety of music being played. While you probably don’t want Justin Timberlake and Timbaland Bringing Sexy Back over appetizers, you also don’t want Robert Goulet Dreaming the Impossible Dream smudged in between Britney and Madonna.

Step 5

Sans Lights: The one problem with having an iPod wedding is that the DJ typically controls and provides the light packages for dancing and such. If this is going to be a small affair with friends and family, this may not be such a problem. However if you are inviting hundreds of people and you’d rather mask yourself in the fog machine, then an iPod wedding might be something you need to reconsider.

Step 6

Improvise: When all else fails, improvise. At my own iPod wedding I didn’t follow my own instructions and was assured that everything would be taken care of, only to emerge thrilled from our nuptial vows to realize that there was nowhere to plug in our iPod at this venue. We had been speaking for weeks and weeks from afar and on the day in question, they looked at me like I had three heads. Never fear, my best man came up with the idea of plugging in a microphone to the speaker on my laptop and everything was fixed. While it then turned into an “iTunes on my Laptop” wedding, it was successful nonetheless.

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